Sustainable Mattresses

We are committed to healthier and more sustainable sleep…naturally. Discover sleep that is restorative for you as well as the environment!

Our Eco-Friendly Mattress Brands

Sleep soundly with peace of mind while you drift off into your sustainably crafted mattress made with natural materials from these top brands.

Burlington Mattress understands the nuances and details of a comfortable mattress. Discover a sustainable sleep experience from the team that knows it best with our proprietary natural mattress line, BIA.

Italian comfort blends beautifully with natural materials in a Magniflex Mattress. Discover the art of quality rooted in Italian tradition all designed for your wellbeing.

Serta is the #1 mattress designer in the USA, offering a range of options within their collections, each with unique benefits, firmness levels and features. Mattresses are thoughtfully designed with comfort and quality materials in mind for better Zzz’s.

Naturally Better Sleep

We are dedicated to providing sustainable sleep with naturally sourced materials. A lot goes into the decision-making process when choosing a new mattress such as comfort, size, brands, and materials used.

Burlington Mattress is committed to reducing our environmental impact in many ways including providing mattresses crafted with nature in mind. Discover sleep that is restorative for you and the environment at Burlington Mattress. We embrace eco-conscious practices, utilizing recyclable and natural materials such as latex, wool, and cotton.

Next Step: Bedding!

Make sure you bring home fresh sheets to go with your new mattress to complete your ultimate rest reset! Dive into comfort completed with new bedding offered in-store.