Sherwood Bedding is a 3rd-generation American manufacturer of mattresses providing superior value at every price point. Their variety of mattress collections include the Sherwood Resort line of innerspring, pocketed coil, and hybrid mattresses. They also make Evosleep and Dunlopillo, which are memory foam and latex options. Between all their options, Sherwood offers you options when it comes to comfort. That is why we have created distinct mattress lines, each based on the most sought after bed types. Regardless of make or model, every mattress assembled is held to the same high-quality standards that make all Sherwood Bedding products the best value on the market today.

Whether your personal preference is for pocketed springs, innerspring, latex, memory foam, or hybrid mattresses, Sherwood Bedding produces a product that delivers a higher concentration of quality raw materials at a lower overall cost and a higher standard.  A higher standard for not only quality, but safety for their employees, their customers, as well as the environment.

Sherwood Resort II

The Sherwood Resort II Series of pocketed spring mattresses are engineered to deliver deep conforming comfort, support, and value. The Resort series features an advanced pocketed spring system designed to eliminate motion transfer and to support and shape itself to the body’s individual contours.

Sherwood Sunrise II

The Sherwood Sunrise II Series of pillow top mattresses combines perfect comfort and support to keep your spinal alignment intact. Sophisticated “circular knit” panel covers are used to enhance surface conformability, comfort, and durability. Soy-based upholstery grade foams are carefully layered with an ascending support strategy to deliver quality, comfort, and durability.