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Magniflex MagniStretch



Magniflex MagniStretch




About the Magniflex MagniStretch Collection

The technological and innovative mattress that ensures exceptional benefits to the spine, thanks to the subtle traction exerted during sleep, with a Medium Firm level of comfort.

With special plush comfort, Magnistretch 12 mattress is full of incredible features. Offering medium-soft diversified support, Magnistretch 12 stretches and decompresses the spinal column due to the multiple layers which include Eliosoft, patented stretch technology Eliosoft, Elioform, Memoform layer, super soft fiber. Manufactured in Italy by Magniflex, Magnistretch 12 mattress has an innovative and removable Outlast and a viscose fabric cover that absorbs excess heat for excellent body temperature regulation and is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. The OEKO TEX standard 100 certifies the absence of toxic substances or off-gassing. Outlast is a material designed for astronauts’ spacesuits. It is made of millions of small spheres of a special type of wax that melts at 97 F / 36 C. The melting process, which starts due to a rise in the body temperature, absorbs the excess heat and accumulates a part of it. When the temperature is stable and under the “melting point”, the spheres solidify and releases the energy accumulated in the form of heat.



MagniStretch 12




Medium Soft Diversified Support

Stretches and Decompresses Spinal Column

Mattress height



Removable Viscose Cover

Removable Outlast Cover (for absorbing excess heat)

Comfort layers

Eliosoft layer with stretch technology

Elioform layer

Memoform layer with soft fiber

Manufacturing Details

The OEKO TEX standard 100 certifies the absence of toxic substances or off-gassing

Fire safety certification Certificate of quality

Exclusively Made in Italy

The design, manufacturing, and supply are completely Italian 20 Year Warranty


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