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Couch by day, bed by night.

The Futon is a versatile piece of furniture that has multiple functions. Comfortable as both a sofa and as a bed, this Futon Sleeper Sofa is a great value and will provide you or your guest(s) a comfortable place to sit or sleep. Bonus! The Futon Cover is removable and in many cases machine washable.

Your Local Source for Futons

BURLINGTON MATTRESS is uniquely qualified to be your source for Futons. Our company was started with 14 Futons in a U-Haul trailer in 1984. We have 32 years of experience starting out as the Burlington Futon Company. It is safe to say that we lived, breathed and slept Futons, as we became a Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Futons, Futon Frames and Futon Covers that were sold all over the United States.

View Some of Our Futon Options

We used to travel the world to find fabrics to make Futon Covers. We understand design and the value of an attractive cover that performs well. We represent the two best companies that have an eye for design and can build tailored and well-built Futon Covers and Pillows.

This is just a sample of all we have to offer. Have a specific futon in mind or would like to see more?

Give us a call at 802.862.7167, come Visit Us, or fill out the form on this page to request more information.

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Whether you are looking just for a Futon Mattress or a Futon, Frame and Cover package we are here for you and proud of 100% American Made Futons and Frames we have to offer. 

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